TEG and B4Students, IT infrastructure for the multimedia laboratory of the University of Arts in Tirana

Students of the Faculty of Fine Arts, at the University of Arts in Tirana, have new opportunities for the development of the creative process in their multimedia laboratory. Tirana East Gate and the B4Students program have supported the initiative of a group of students to equip their learning environment with monitors suitable for graphic work.

Altin Lika, as. a lecturer of this faculty also expresses his thanks to the students when he says that “with the contribution of TEG, we create the conditions for further improvement in the practical training of young artists, responding even better to the needs of the labor market.” At the same time, the students themselves, under the guidance of the lecturers, prepared the first multimedia materials in the laboratory for a project conceived by other students, also supported by TEG and the B4Students program.

Encouraging cultural activities by young people is a fundamental part of TEG’s social responsibility, while the B4Students program is fully focused on students and their empowerment. In a more general perspective, creating the necessary spaces for student development and contributing to a higher quality education is the priority of the BALFIN Group’s social commitment, under the special care of its president, Samir Mane.