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Social Clubs is a program that aims on identifying and supporting social projects and initiatives ideated & carried out by students that fulfill environmental, educational, cultural or health needs. B4Students will support Social Clubs by providing logistical, technical and/or financial aid for the implementation of social projects led by students that guarantee a positive impact on the community.

Benefits for Students

Logistical, technical and/or financial support for the selected initiatives

Engagement on a social area you are passionate about

Promote yourself and social cases that you care for

Positive contribute to the community

Expand your professional network


Social Clubs (Student Clubs) in Albania

Clubs of which activity is subject to politics, religion or discrimination
Clubs estimated as not capable to cope with the obligations/expectations of a sponsorship
November 4th - November 30th
December 1st - December 2nd
December 3rd - December 9th

Call for Applications.

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Evaluation of the Projects. The Jury evaluates student proposals and calls top applicant’s.

Decision Making on Funding Proposals & Funding Agreement.

Evaluation Criteria

Quality of application - good elaboration of the project-idea

Relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability

Project applicability – realization of activities

Members of the Jury
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