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    2- Title of Business Idea

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    3- Problem and Solution

    What problem are you solving? What is the basic idea? What is special about it?

    4- Product Description

    Explain what is your product (software, technology, intervention, design, research, prototype etc.), its distinct features & advantages. Additionally give details of the product’s offerings. What stage are you at now? (e.g. prototype, market research, etc)

    5- Customers/Clients

    Who will use your product or service? What do you estimate your total addressable market to be? Customer segments can be individuals that share common traits such as age, geographical location, behaviour, etc.

    6- Competitive Landscape

    What businesses will you compete against? Why is your product or service superior to what competitors are currently providing?

    7- Business Model

    How will your business make money? How do customers buy your product or service? How much does it cost?

    8- Marketing & Sales

    What is your go-to-market strategy? How will you win customers?

    9- Funding and milestones

    What are the next major milestones you are trying to reach? How much funding will you need to reach the next milestones? Do you have any investment already? Please list the key tasks required to accomplish your next milestones. What are you looking for? (Grant, Preferential Loan, Investment or Liquidity, Mentorship, etc.)

    10- Supporting documentation

    Please provide any supporting documentation and/or any links to publications, presentation, websites, etc:

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