B4Students at a glance

B4Students is a dynamic program, entirely tailored-fit and fully dedicated to students, purposely contributing to their needs in relation to linkage of studies, practical experience, social initiatives, as well as the development of their potential and entrepreneurial ideas, powered by Mane Foundation.

B4Students consists of 4 areas, independently of each other and purposely harmonized, as following:


organization of competitions focused on Business Ideas, and Business Challenges.

Social Clubs

promotion and support of initiatives and projects with tangible social impact.

Internships & Employment

providing such opportunities through Balfin Group and its subsidiary companies.


infrastructure investment according to the needs of public HEIs.

B4Students is a program designed to create new opportunities, to encourage and promote students success in entrepreneurship, social initiatives and career development by supporting their needs.

Our goal for the future is to expand our regional presence and play a singnificant role on the empowerment and integration of young people, promoting a sustainable cooperation and exchange of experiences, accelerating innovation and economic growth etc.

B4Students is powered by Mane Foundation.

Our Partners

Partnerships for a greater purpose

We are always open for any kind of collaboration that is aligned with our purpose. Please, get in touch , so we can have a chat about how we can support each other.