Business Talk by #Here2Empower at the Faculty of History and Philology

#Here2Empower: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice

The #Here2Empower initiative from the B4Students program, part of the Mane Foundation’s contribution to education and youth, offers universities a platform for the voluntary engagement of BALFIN Group experts in formative activities. This initiative aims to reduce the gap between theoretical training and practical application, ensuring students gain valuable real-world experience.

Special Event at the University of Tirana

Recently, we were invited to a special event at the Faculty of History and Philology, University of Tirana, to talk business! As part of “Career Counseling Week,” our expert on project management and business planning, Andi Muhametaj, held an insightful session. The topic was “Youth Entrepreneurial Ideas and Funding Pathways: How to Write a Business Plan and Turn It into a Profitable Project.”

Meet Andi Muhametaj

Andi is an innovative professional with over a decade of expertise in project and investment management, financial planning, corporate finance, and project financial modeling. At BALFIN Group, Andi has a proven track record of driving business growth, creating value, and identifying opportunities. His collaborative approach has been instrumental in solving complex problems, minimizing risks, and enhancing processes across various functions. He has significantly contributed to the success and expansion of BALFIN Group.

Interactive and Practical Learning

Andi’s session helped university students grasp the fundamental principles and pathways to entrepreneurship, including various financing methods. He was highly engaging and practical, analyzing students’ real business ideas and providing concrete examples. This approach is crucial in the academic sector, especially for young students who will soon enter the market. His work inspired the students and equipped them with the tools needed to develop and implement their business ideas successfully.

Preparing Students for the Future

By bringing real-world experience into the classroom, #Here2Empower ensures that students are better prepared for the demands of the job market. Consequently, they are equipped with the skills necessary for their future careers.