Interns are an important part of the team.

The Internships & Employment program helps current students to explore and empower their potential and start a successful career at BALFIN Group/subsidiaries.

What we offer? The program offers students the opportunity to gain direct practical experience in BALFIN Group/Companies work, tools and resources needed to find the right job and grow in their career.

A career with BALFIN means to become part of one of the most important and successful investment groups in the Western Balkans region, with activity in 7 countries and 9 industries with over 6000 employees in total.

To apply, you must "select your team" in the category of work you are interested in and submit your application for vacancies, companies, and industries you prefer. Applications will be open in the period 25 July 2021 – 25 August 2021.

Interested? Welcome to our big family

Benefits for Students

Join your team of choice by selecting the work profile, department and company.

Increase your employment opportunities by performing with integrity, passion and productivity.

On job training and experience by contributing on the execution of daily tasks

Empower your network by collaborating with experienced professionals

Add value to your CV by expanding your work experience, skills and competencies

Bring your passion, energy, curiosity and determination to do great things every day.