4 labs of the Natural Sciences Faculty have new technology devices thanks to B4Students

The Faculty of Natural Sciences in Tirana is the next institution to receive support with infrastructure investments from the B4Students program, created by BALFIN Group. The 4 teaching laboratories, C ++, Mathematical and Informatics Engineering, Molecular Biotechnology, Inorganic Chemistry, as well as the meeting room, are equipped with information and communication technology equipment, identified by the directors as one of the main needs of the institution, to improve capacities in function of the process of teaching, learning and practical training of students, according to the needs of the labor market.

To inaugurate the investment and to assess the needs and opportunities for faster integration of students in the companies of BALFIN Group, representatives of the B4Students program were part of a roundtable discussion organized in the premises of the faculty with the presence of the Dean, Prof. Dr. Spiro Drushku, deanery colleagues, representatives from support offices, as well as members of the Student Council.

Dean, Prof. Dr. Spiro Drushku emphasized that “Laboratories are spaces where our students create and test knowledge. Strengthening the infrastructural capacities with technology and information equipment directly contributes to the increase of the quality in the process of practical training.” He praised the contribution of the B4Students program for the support it provides to students, starting with professional development, employment, and rapid integration into consolidated companies, as well as the impetus it gives for the development and implementation of social project ideas and the establishment of new enterprises.

Matilda Shehu, the Chief Transformation Officer of BALFIN Group, emphasized during the meeting: “In our work processes, which include many students of your faculty, technology is an essential part, through which we create, improve and grow. We value your students’ ability to adapt and their desire to advance.”

Dorjan Beqiri, Chairman of the Student Council of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, during the visit to one of the laboratories said: “The support of B4Students and BALFIN Group in modernizing some of the laboratories in our faculty is very valuable for us students. It is an investment which serves the students, the faculty but also the society itself as investing in universities helps create the professionals of the future.”

Education support constitutes one of the main CSR pillars of BALFIN Group, thanks to the special attention of its President, Samir Mane. In addition to the infrastructure strengthening component in public Higher Education Institutions, B4Students continues to provide support to students participating in the program, in establishing new businesses by offering a grant of up to €5,000 through the Business Ideas Competition, in the development of professional competencies and their employment through the Internship and Employment Program and the Business Challenge Competition, as well as in the implementation of social project ideas by Student Clubs, providing financial support up to €2,000.