President of BALFIN Group Mr. Samir Mane visits University of Vlora “Ismail Qemali”

A new step towards being closer to higher education institutions was taken from BALFIN Group this time in the touristic city of Vlora. The President of BALFIN Group Mr. Samir Mane visited “Ismail Qemali” University and held a formal meeting with the Rector of the University of Vlora, Mr. Roland Zisi. University of Vlora counts more than 10,000 students, 17 departments and 4 faculties that contribute to more than 4000 graduated students in Albania.

A memorandum of cooperation was signed, emphasizing the areas where the academic world can benefit from the business sector and vice-versa. They both shared and discussed how the academia and the business sector should be closely and actively working together, the priority areas in the field of tourism as the most important sector in Albania’s economy and how the group can contribute to the preparation of the students for the labor market.

After the meeting with the Rector, a discussion was held with the students of the university from 4 different faculties: technical and natural science, human science, health and economy, who were very interested in the mission of BALFIN Group in the field of education. From June 2023, Mane Foundation was established, building on a long and rich tradition of social engagement on the part of BALFIN Group and especially that of its founder, Samir Mane. Samir Mane shared his own professional journey and thoughts on how they can become entrepreneurs and active actors in society.

A presentation of the components of the B4Students program, the flagship project dedicated to education – was made to the students who were very interested in the Internships and Employment component, on the Business Idea Competition and how BALFIN mentors and experts can help them build and fund their business idea. It offers internships, mentorship, site visits, and scholarships to develop students’ skills and provide them with employment opportunities.